Site and Enterprise Level Energy Management Solutions
  • Successfully execute multimillion dollar projects
  • Assist contractors with all facets of installation
  • Customer references are available upon request
Energy Management System Design
  • EPMS specification review
  • Provide full design submittals including system topology, points list, alarm list as well as custom graphics
  • EPMS Network design
  • Provide as-builts and O&M manuals
Demand Control and Load Management
  • Provide real-time demand reports
  • Customize system to provide early warning based on demand projection
  • Provide load shedding schemes based on demand projects
  • Examples: Arc Furnaces, industrial manufacturing, data centers
  • Custom alarming, emailing and phone messages based on demand levels
Custom Report Generation
  • Universities, hospitals, malls, high rise condos / office buildings, etc.
  • Track monthly usage by tenant, department or user
  • Provide web based on demand data usage for end user
  • Provide energy allocation usage reports
  • Generator test reports for JCAHO compliance
Integration of Third Party Systems and Devices
  • Vendor neutral
  • UPS, PDU and RPP equipment
  • Generators and paralleling gear
  • HV, MV, and LV distribution gear
  • PLC’s and RTU’s
  • In addition to electrical, we provide monitoring of water, gas, and steam supplies
  • Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, LonWorks, ION, TCP/IP, EthernetIP
System Hardware Configuration
  • Provide full configuration and documentation of meter configuration
  • Provide network hardware configuration
  • Meter data verification and calibration
Power Quality Analysis and Audits
  • Provide full report of power interruption or abnormalities
  • CBEMA/ITIC presentation of power quality events to illustrate events severity and duration
  • Provide harmonics analysis via audits and proposal for mitigation
Automatic Sequence of Event Collection
  • Millisecond time synchronization using GPS or NTP time source
  • Custom reports of global system events
  • Provide custom DB queries based on equipment or event priority
Energy conservation
  • Certified Energy Managers available to provide complete site audits of electrical and mechanical systems
  • Provide recommendations for energy conservation – electrical, air, gas, and water
  • Execute recommendation based on customer needs
Startup and Commissioning Services
  • Meter / hardware configuration
  • Network configuration and setup
  • Pre-commissioning system test and data verification
  • Training, documentation, and turn over
Contracting Services
  • Yearly service contracts for preventive maintenance
  • Remote support for custom needs
  • Extended warranty
  • Custom reports and system enhancements
  • Facility Operators training
  • Executive level training