GPT is a certified Master Critical Power Systems Integrator for Schneider Electric as part of the EcoXpert program. We utilize Power Monitoring Expert, Wonderware and Power SCADA for power monitoring systems where infrastructure management is the goal. For data center server floor management and sub-metering solutions GPT utilizes the Geist Environet solution, PDI, Trendpoint and or Veris branch circuit metering or any combination for fully customized DCIM solution.

  • Branch circuit monitoring for colocation and cost allocation applications. (1200A Mains to 20A branch breakers)
  • Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) Geist Environet Niagra Tridium Certified
  • Power quality metering and mitigation
  • PUE calculation
  • Automated generator testing for regulator compliance record keeping and maintenance
  • Complete power management solutions for the most demanding infrastructure projects, from the substation to the outlet